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Our core skills

Easy’s core Business

Irrespective of the fact that we meet our customers' requirements in the best possible way in every area of our portfolio, over the years we have developed particular specialist skills in a few sectors that make us stand out among other providers.

IT - Permanent Employment, Temporary Employment, Freelance

Since economic growth is inconceivable nowadays without IT specialists and good experts are a rarity on the market, finding them is a particular challenge. To do this successfully, we have formed a dedicated IT department within our recruitment team, which consists of experts in the subject. We also have an international talent pool of candidates from the most varied technologies and fields - from juniors right up to the management level, from developers and project managers to consultants, from permanent employees to temporary employees and freelancers.

Direct Search

Due to the full employment in many sectors, today it is almost impossible to find good specialists and, especially, managerial staff through adverts on jobs portals or on social networks. What is needed is a particular approach that requires a great deal of experience, effort and patience - the direct approach. The preparation must not be neglected - the protracted and structured search to identify the right candidate and filter out the best individual method of approach to arouse interest in the vacancy. Further support for candidates - from the initial contact to negotiating an offer - are also a process in which recruitment consultants are experts.

Professional Staffing / Body Leasing

The successful temporary placement of qualified specialists is a service that demands a combination of core skills in the fields of recruitment and administration with knowledge of the employer's industry. A relationship of trust and a close partnership and cooperation between service provider and client are also essential for lucrative cooperation between all involved. Easy Consult has specialist expertise, experience and professional ethics to convince its clients and its employees of the quality of its services. Our clients therefore have access to a talent pool of qualified and reliable manpower and our employees have access to serious and renowned companies.